Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to steal from dead guys and impress women!

Being a man who is prone to obsessions, there are certain things I have spent many years thinking about. Burritos, and Jimmy Buffett are two of those things.

A life without passion is meaningless!

Really, the whole Centaur culture is fascinating!

Thus it should really come as no surprise that I have been thinking about stealing from dead people to impress women for 15 years at least. Probably the impetus of this thought was when I noticed that when a couple are in a relationship, it seems like one or the other was always "getting in trouble" for some stupid ass bullshit nobody would care about if they were single. Such as noticing a haircut, or remembering a 6 month dating "anniversary" (which are actually not possible you fucking dolts!)!!!!

Somehow I really started thinking about how women like flowers and most men think they are generally useless. I thought about it a lot. Finally I came to the conclusion that if flowers are what it takes to make a woman happy, then hell, it's easy so do it! But then reality kicked in. Fuck. Flowers are expensive, it would be much better to get them for free, but where? Of course being a bad boy, I figured you could go around at night and clip them from other peoples yards and parks. It would be free and they would be fresh. But on the other hand, it was a finite supply. You can't just keep stealing flowers out of parks willy nilly or you risk turning into a 1960's era Batman villain (The De-Florist?)!!! Plus people plant flowers in their yard to spruce the place up! It looks nice! You don't want to steal from the park too much because it ruins it for everybody. Anyway, I needed another solution I needed to take free flowers from a source that wouldn't miss them at all. Dead guys.

What do flowers have to do with dead guys you ask? Everything. Dead guys are the best free source of flowers you could get, it's a steady supply, and honestly you are taking better care of their legacy if you go to the source to get them. That's right, I am talking about taking flowers from dead guys grave sites and giving them to your girlfriend or wife. And I am telling you, this scheme is win-win!

To begin with let me go with what I know. Most dudes are not super into getting flowers for gifts. In fact never in my life have a met a man who was excited about flowers he got, or sad because he never got flowers. It just is not a thing. I can't speak for the male gays, they probably like flowers, but that probably is offset by the minority group of women who don't get excited about flowers. Trust me on this! Guys don't like flowers when they are alive, and they sure as fuck don't care about them when they are dead!

So let's bring it together. If you need flowers in a pinch, the best solution is to swing by a cemetery! Take a stroll through the headstones as if you are looking for a certain grave site. Keep your head down and walk slow so you look sad. What you are really looking for is fresh flowers. So when you see what looks like a fresh bunch, check and see if was a man or a woman. If it was a man, see if he went by his full name (Stephen, Patrick, or Jonathan etc.), see if he were married and had kids. If he seems heterosexual enough, look around to see if the family is in the immediate vicinity. If not, kneel as if you are praying for the dead guy. Then when nobody is looking pick those suckers up! Dead guy won't care and most likely the family won't be back the next day. So get on home to the woman and spend the money you saved on wine! It's obviously the best way to do things. Probably I would not tell the girlfriend or wife either because women seem to find things like this offensive on several levels. Personally I find wasting money offensive, so I can rationalize it that way. The End!

Notes: If you try this, please let me know how it works out. So far this is only a damn good theory, but I want my readers to know that I am only writing this stuff for them! Hope you found this helpful! Love Buzz!

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