Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hole in one!

I was thinking about the days of working on construction sites tonight. Luckily I was thinking about something other than the time I dug three huge postholes in the rain. It was a bit rough. The rain was pouring down so hard I had to make little walls around the holes just to keep them from filling up with water. Not that it really mattered, I still had to use a small bucket to bail the water out occasionally. It was cold, but when you are working that hard you tend to stay warm. The job was located in Mill Creek WA, just south of Thrashers Corner, which sounds a lot cooler than it really is. Actually the Thrashers Corner Pub with all you can eat Dungeness crab on Thursday is the only interesting thing there. The job was a condo project and I was there a couple weeks working. A lot of times the roosters who ran wild on the property would crow incessantly, I tried to throw a shovel at one on another occasion. Anyway, on this particular rainy day the cock did not crow. In fact I bet it was hiding from the rain! But I was not. I dug two holes before lunch, and went for a drive just to use the heater and warm up. It took me the next four hours to finish the last hole. I was muddy, tired, and damn glad to be done. I was starting to put my tools away and get ready go, when the boss rolled up in his truck. "Nice work. Sorry about the weather". I agreed. Then he looked at the plans he had on the dash. "Oh shoot!" He said. "I screwed up. I only needed you to dig two holes! I'm really sorry. Hey do you mind filling that one on the south end up again? Sorry about that!" I just kind of laughed and picked up my shovel and started throwing dirt into the already muddy hole. I started by shoveling in the temporary walls.

"Another day in the fields, another day in the dirt"- Chris Gaffney

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