Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some of the things I like!

I just opened a message from a friend which had some questions about what I liked. To be honest it took me by surprise. Currently I am really trying to just survive and get back on my feet after a financially draining summer. My outlook can be a little dim, I have to deal not only with reality, but advice, advice, and more advice. It can be extremely exhausting. so when I started thinking about things I liked, I just got happy! So here goes, things I like:

The first question was the old standby, what is your favorite color? To me this is a no-brainer. Like most European men, I prefer the color blue. I don't know why but studies show that this is the case. I appreciate this fact because I am someone who is often told that I am different/strange/a fuddy duddy, etc. So when I read a statistic that puts me right in the middle of the crowd, just one of the sheep, I feel kind of good. It is a little bit different from the time when a professor told me to study "Art Brut" for inspiration. She said my art reminded her of that. When I said I had no idea what "Art Brut" was, she replied "The art of the retarded and the insane". Now in this case I felt I was not average. In fact I was a little upset. Then I started to think about it. I realized that those people were doing art for themselves. They were not trying to fit in with the masses, appeal to critics, or even impress the opposite sex. They were simply creating because they had to. It was a compulsion felt deep within the soul rather than something that has been made to sound important, or cultivated to be "enriched" or "refined". Often as a matter of  fact the technical craftsmanship of crazy people is better than someone with an MFA.Why? Because of the spilled blood and tears, the agony and ecstacy. Anyway, I like the color blue.

My favorite album is called "Lucky Day" it is by a guy named Jonathan Edwards. Now mind you I was a radio DJ and have thousands of albums, but for some reason this one is it. I don't even play it for people. I think I have played it for a couple, but I love it so much that I don't want to talk while it is playing. I don't want conversation to ruin it for me. As a matter of fact I am surprised that I am going to even write this piece. The funny thing is that I am sure it is not the best album ever made, maybe even by the artist himself. It could have to do with the time that I listened to it, the timbre of the combined instrument, the sound of the crowd (it was recorded live in Cambridge MA). Anyway, I am not going to tell you again, and you cannot buy it in stores. As far as I know you would have to download it or buy it in vinyl (I have both)! So go get it if you want!

My favorite boss was Josh "Swivelhips" Watkins, formerly of Olsson Mfg ( Why because he is awesome. He is also 6'8" so I quizzed him on the feasibility of driving a VW Rabbit. He said it is possible. I asked if it looked stupid he said yes. This questioning was born from the fact that in The Twilight books, the character Jacob Black drove a Rabbit and was 6'8". OK no more on that subject!

I like Asian food. I like trains. I like driving. I like guitars with thick strings and somewhat high action. I like tube amplifiers. I like water color pencils. I like collared greens. I like going to movies by myself. I like the smell of old books. I like swimming. I like gospel music. I like art museums. I like trains!


  1. From the heart this piece. Enjoyed reading it.

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  3. There is nothing in the world better than the smell of old books. I have this dictionary from my grandmother from 1861 that I have been restoring. It's perfect!