Sunday, October 23, 2011

Black Light Fun? I'm in!

People have asked if I am homesick now that I am living next to an historic Australian nudist beach instead of in a filthy bungalow in Fall City WA, USA. Short answer, hell no! I am content to fill my time learning about Australia and in general getting comfortable with my new lifestyle! Yet there are those wee hours of the morning when I wish I owned an internet connection at the house so I could check up on things back home. So I did today. Via Craigslist. Here is what I found:

1) Black Light Fun? - m4w - 29 (n.everett)

i have two 4ft black lights in my living room and a couple of posters...Im seeing if there's a women out there that would like to have 420 & drinks with me tonight and rock a sexy black light outfit if u have one or we can go buy one

Im black 29
5'8 200lbs
i have my own place
no into BBW

My Thoughts: I have never lived in Everett, but luckily I have some cousins who grew up there, and they taught me about NEWT's, or North Everett White Trash. It seems that this man is hell bent on changing the reputation of North Everett, through the power of blacklights, glowing posters, and sexy blacklight outfits (which he has offered to buy!)!!! Though it is clear from his post that he is not overly concerned about puntuation and grammar, he is obviously a stickler about getting stoned and tripping out at all times! This is such a great offer of a fun time that my only misgiving is on account of the Big Black Women (BBW's) who are excluded from the fun!

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