Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's cuddle time!

This isn't even my soft side! I am THAT loveable!
Cuddling? - m4w - 26 (Bloomingdale Area)

I'm 26 years old, single, 6'0", 195 lbs, and am a world renowned cuddler who is offering his expertise to one lucky woman.

I am just looking for somebody to share a bed with - nothing sexual, just two bodies for cuddling. I have a big bed I'm hoping to share and would love to hear back from somebody. It would obviously be nice if it was with a person I got along with or enjoyed talking to, so write a little about yourself in your response. Hope to hear back...
It seems almost like blasphemy to even question this post, but though I know it is true, it left me wondering a few things. Firstly, what does it take to become a “world renowned cuddler”? Is there some sort of organization in charge of cuddling rankings and expertise measurement? Did he study cuddling or was he born with a gift? Is cuddling the same as snuggling (I am clearly showing my own naiveté with this remark)? Will this cuddling expertise, when passed on, qualify the above mentioned “lucky woman” as a “world renowned cuddler”? If so, will you instruct her to “pay it forward” and create her own Craigslist post? It would be a boon to all if he did.
Now it seems natural for a cuddler to want to do so in bed, but with the renown this individual has, is he able to cuddle on couches? Verandas? In the tall grass? In a canoe? Because I don’t think he should limit himself. I am also curious as to the possibility of group cuddles, can he do it? Is it even possible? Because that could change the world!
Lastly, I am heartened to know that he would consider cuddling with someone that he did not get along with, or even like talking to. I know he would prefer the opposite, but he leaves the possibility open for a nice hate filled cuddle session. This man is truly a master of his trade. Please take some time to reply to him, you will learn so much!

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