Thursday, September 8, 2011

Too many Weirdo's of Females (Pahoa )

Today’s BS Report is not so much a piece of writing as it is a celebration. A gift unequaled in its merit and free for the taking. There are times in life when a beautiful flower will reveal itself to us, a sunset give us it’s dying light as a gift beholden. These days and moments are like symphony’s of the soul, the balm of the heart, and our lives are better for having seen them. What follows is one of these. The words of an anonymous traveler, etched forever on the Oak tree which is the Internet. It is a heart carved with a space left for each and everyone of us to carve our own initials in that space. So please my friend, read this, bathe in the glory, and carve your own initials next to it. I pass on this blessing, as a soothing elixer for your soul! [Also I am sure it is even funnier if you are a bit drunk]

Too many Weirdo's of Females (Pahoa)

My gosh, as a visitor from the mainland visiting the isle of hawaii Pahoa town...i cant believe HOW mentally off many young women are there in this Pahoa town, caucasian and locals alike who talk to trees and talks to there invisible friend (no blue tooth on there ear)...

We will never know if She have Blue tooth on the ear!
how can anyone live in this beautiful isle's with many many Mentally ill females there, Plus i see prostitudes there and obnoxious men there who hangs out at the bar there in the heart of pahoa town, How disgusting pahoa town has turned up to a visitor from the east coast...I rather be back in my homeland where there is many normal, descent respectable middle class neighbors who dont go strutting there bodies out there looking for any goons to bed down with,
Goon to be back! Goon to meet ya! How's it goon? Here today goon tomorrow!

Plus the men there in Pahoa town who hangs out at night is revolting..ugly, toothless, and smelly, and Messy.. the females there too smells pretty "rotten" and Mouthy and roudy to boot !! bad feedback will be spread around my state about this drug infested, hookerland, drunk, hippie pahoa land!! Thumbs DOWN to Druggie Slutland pahoa!!!!! I hope the Fed's will Crack down on Pahoa town and ARRESTS all these weird Hooker's and druggies there!! and stiffen up the law's there!!

Editors note: If I in anyway could imrove upon the body of text here, I would be more than a genius. I would be a superhuman. Alas I am just a man. A man who is looking for a goon.

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