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Realtime notes: Space Buddies:Puppies In Space!

The Following are real notes taken during back to back viewings of Space Buddies: Puppies in Space!

Space Buddies. A review.

The Child wanted all her toys to join us in the lounge room for our showing of puppies in space. The movie opens with a Russian dog in space (I understand it is Spudnik) talking. Then we cut to the obnoxiously smug puppy Bud-dah. His owner and the rest of the stupid kids are going to watch a rocket launch so Buddah gets his posh sister Rosebud his fat brother Budderball and his hip urban brother Smokin'bud. The last brother is Mudbud. He is always rolling in mud. Smokin'bud says "dude" and "dawg" quite often. Dammit, Buddah is horribly condescending! Anyway the pups snuck onto the school bus. The teacher is having allergy attacks because of the puppies.

-buddah's obnoxious owner leaves group and gets scanned for space suit.

-Smokin'bud says:yo, dudes, tight, etc.

-the puppies get space suits made. Budderball gets stuck in his suit, and when other puppies are helping him in, they accidentally pull his paw. His fart inflates the suit.

-Buddah is such a twat! Smokin'bud said he would have "blinded out" the space ship which they are now on.

-it seems that it is really easy to sneak onto a spaceship.
-the bad guy is a short little dickheads. I predict that he is a) not a real doctor and b) going to find himself falling victim to poo related pratfalls.

-Smokin'Budz actual name is "B-Dawg"! Also, the puppies have launched!

-many of the jokes involve Budderball eating and Buddah being "insightful"! The child LOVES watching the puppies in zero gravity!

-the fuel supply has been sabotaged by the smug little doctor

-sidenote: the inventor of the rocket is an awkward man who has a pet weasel named Gravity. I predict that Gravity will save the day by climbing into the bad guys pants.

-The puppies may have to do moonwalks to meet the Russian dog Spudnik. The actor playing the Russian sounds very Mexican.

-the Russian is making me suspicious, but I believe he is the red herring bad guy, and will end up helping.

-Smokin' Bud said "dawg" again. Twice.

-I was wrong about the Russian so far. Spudnik has introduced himself. Sadly, though Smokin'bud thought he was an alien at first, he has recovered and started by saying "off the chain" for the second time in ten minutes.

-I was right, the Russian wants to keep the puppies as pets!! But Spudnik is making him fall asleep. The short guy should come into the movie soon, possibly with Mr Wilson (he is in the launch headquarters but we don't know his motive).

-the dogs are escaping the ship, but Budderball is late because he is bringing broccoli.

- the Russian just blew up his space station and escaped in a pod.
-back on earth the kids are looking for the pups.

-buddah's stupid owner is talking to his mom

-writing these notes are distracting me from how cute puppies in space are! They are all asleep! How adorable!

-it is just about time for the villain to do something. They are landing on the moon.

-Smokin'bud almost crashed the ship, but Spudnik saved the day.

-the ship has landing gear like an airplane. Not sure wheels would work on the moons surface.

-puppy moon walk!!!!!!!!!!cuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!

-It should be noted that this puppy moon walk is really cute!!!!!

-Buddah is such a tool! He is meditating and saying "oooooh mmmm"!

-the weasel has started speaking to the puppies!

-the puppies are good at taking space suits off!

-bad guy leaked the story

-the bad guy sort of looks like a midget Scott Caan
-his name is doctor Finkell, and Buddah's owner called him Fecal

-Budderball is doing a spacewalk!!

-he ran out of jet fuel, now they ate making him fart by pulling his paw! Hilarious!
-the child is wondering if the puppies will die in space!

-Dr Finkell just got his comeuppance! No poop yet though!!!

Budderball just ate broccoli it will probably make him fart!

-one of the most cringe worthy moments is either of the times Buddah's owner bows and says "namaste!"

-other cringe worthy moments are anytime Smokin'bud speaks.

-my readers should be aware that writing this has prevented me from reveling fully in the cuteness.

-Spudnik has been reunited with his owner.

The End.
The Child likes Mudbud and Budderball the best. Thankfully not Buddah. What a moron!

I am about to watch it with The Missus and The Child. The Child said: "This movie is as long as a cow!"
I concur. Wholeheartedly.

For those at home, the spaceship was designed by a man named Pi. He carries a ferret named Gravity in his sleeve. Please understand, I am being completely honest and forthright. These puppies really do go to space! It's sooooooooo cute!
The Child has stopped eating, so Space Buddies has been paused. I am looking at a ferret sitting in Pi's pocket. Super cute!!!!

Sidenote: only Space Buddies could make a grown man want to punch a golden retriever puppy right in the grill! Damn that Buddah! Damn that B-dawg! If only Budderball was the leading mutt!

I am going to play Angry Turds for awhile.

One of the most surprising things about Space Buddies is the lack of poo jokes. The Child thinks I like Spudnik best. Probably because I am a child of the 80's.

The Mexican cosmonaut is actually speaking Russian, which is nice. Now he is getting drunk. It is implied that they are fueling the ship with vodka.

Ten points if you spot the Cool Runnings reference!

Also, in 8th grade I went to the smithsonian and bought space ice cream. It gave all who ate it diarrhea.

The Russian is passed out! The puppies are in danger!!!! Things change fast around here!

Smokin' Bud just said "fo shizzle!"

"dude, I say we make like a bread truck and haul buns!"

"you guys, where's Budderball??!!"

"dude, you know our motto, No Pup Left Behind!!"

Real dialog from Space Buddies!

Aw Spudnik, your sooooooooo cute!

I am drinking wine.

"nope, have'nt seen hide nor fur of them."

"I'm sure Buddah and the other buddies are out there having a wonderful adventure!"

Sleeping space puppies are so cute!!! Rosebud and Spudnik just had some serious character development! Watch it and find out!

B-Dawg thought the moon was the Death Star. Or death drat as my phone believes.

Now Spudnik will step in and land the ship on the moon. Which Budderball wants to eat because its made of blue cheese.

I think the control team is wearing blue teeth as their microphones. Sorry about the grammar there.

Puppies moon walk!!!!!!!! Cuuuuuuuute!   Floating talking puppies! Spuuuuuudniiik!

Also they misinterpreted the Neil Armstrong landing speech.

Mudbud should have more screen time. The problem is that there is no mud in space. I need to write Air Buddies 9 specifically to get Mudbud and Rosebud more exposure.

Dr Finkell is such a douche!!!!!!

Buddah is such a douche!!!!!!!!!!

Rosebud rocks!

B-dog sucks!!!

Gravity is svelt!!!!!
SPUDNIK RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!
best movie ever. Wine.
Dr Finkell looks hilarious!!!
I bet the adult actors loved making this. Some of them are killing it! They have these safety glasses they wear to navigate the ship!

There are a few surprises I am not telling you about.

Dr Finkell is such a bastard!!!!

Buddah's owner is sooooooooo obnoxious!!!!! His name is sam.

Scott Caan is trying to kill puppies. Sam just called him Dr Fecal. Still one of their best jokes.

"buddies, you're right in the middle of a meteor shower!"

The buddies never bark.

Space walk time!!!! Imminent fart jokes!!!!!

Cuuuuute! Kookier wine!!! Autocorrect!

"I was just gonna raise my paw, but you beat me to it dawg!"

There are some sick montages in this movie.

Ball scratching joke coming up!!!!!!

Rosebud is kind of a bitch but shes cool.

Puppies are cute. Not our puppie who is barking.

"Budderball no!!" in Russian accent. Spudnik

Puppy space walk! About to pull his paw!!!! Fart power!!!!!

We have decided that Pi looks like a young person in old person make up. Scott Caan got caught!!!!! But Sam is a little prick!!! Finkell and einhorn!
Einhorn and Finkell!

"Its entering at a dangerous entry level..." real dialogue.

Nobody notices that the weasel is communicating with the ship. The puppies might die now. Ha! Still alive!!!! Puppy prayer time. This IS a Christian movie!

They landed!!!!!!!!!!
Safe at last!!! Wiiiiiiine!!!!!!
Also a naked Ken doll is watching it from the front row!!!!!!
Thank you and good night. Buzzsaw signing off. Or about to watch the bloopers reel!!!!! Haaaa! Lastly, ferrets are from the same family as minks. Not rodents. Peace. Oh yeah, Spudnik and Yuri made it home to Russia!!!!!!! The end. Too bad Rosebud only got a pink space suit at the end. Also a harmonica moment, which makes it a 4 star movie!!!!!!!!! Bdawg, I'm sorry. He let Spudnik be in his entourage. The end. Spudnik is hooooooooome!!!!!!!!

Too bad they don't have a directors commentary on this DVD.

The end. Wine. Shut up sam. You and Buddah are killing me. Spudniiiiiiiiiiiiik!!!! He is the same kind if dog as Spuds McKenzie. They end with a rockin cover of Dancin' in The Moonlight. Best movie ever. Wine. The end.

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