Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Starving Artists

Currently, with my situation of having $0 things feel sort of desperate. I am not allowed to work here in Australia, this is frustrating given the copious bogans I encounter who clearly have no intention of ever working harder than basic Centrelink fraud. Even so, being an adult, I have tried to come up with my own solutions, ie. selling my music gear etc. In recent days I decided to invest money to get my album on Itunes, and have been getting exellent stuff from the class I am taking at the Australian Radio School. Nothing will be accomplished without taking risks. Even if it means investing in your business when you know you can't afford it. So imagine my surprise when I hopped on Craigslist for old times sake and immediately found the following:

Do you want to help a starving artist buy a motorcycle? - 31 (Hollywood)

It's $8000. I really really want it. Badly! I'll do almost anything. C'mon you wealthy people..I'd help a guy like me out in a heartbeat if I had the money.

About me:

I'm an actor, musician, assistant, nanny.

Life goals / why you should help me:

I'm trying to do things that no one else can think of, have an effect on people, end oppression as much as one person can, and ultimately make the world better. I'm actually considering doing a fundraiser online on Kickstarter to raise money to get a motorcycle and go on a trip and make a documentary about bigfoot and disappearances in national forests...visit some indians, places where people have disappeared. I'm not stuck on the idea. If you have an idea, shoot. Maybe I'm just dreaming here, but there's got to be someone out there who will listen to me...maybe not here on craigslist, but somewhere.

I assumed it was posted by a man, but she does look hungry!

Holy hell! This is someone who is so tired of having his dreams kicked in the balls that he has taken action! He knows what he needs and is not afraid to ask complete strangers! His pluck is something to be admired, and I feel strongly/very strongly that he will succeed. What rich person in their right mind isn't cruising Craigslist just looking to buy an $8,000 motorcycle for an actor/musician/nanny to ride around while looking for bigfoot? It is an INVESTMENT! I strongly believe in this person, even with the lack of portfolio, name, or known sex. When you believe in what you are doing, you must take risks, such as posting on Craigslisty asking for money.

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