Saturday, November 17, 2012

End of an Era.

It seems like just last week that I was living in a van (Mercedes though) in Mount Compass Australia on the Oriental Green Party farm. Hydroponic bok choy farm. Hella bok choy. Then it was drinking cheap wine (known as goon) on the Sydney Harbor bridge with my German friends Maximilian and Johan. It feels as if it just happened but really it was a 40 hour flight saga back. The one that took me from Sydney to Singapore to Osaka to Oakland. In Oaktown I stayed at my sisters house. She lives next door to Jerry Garcia's daughter. She looks just like him because I saw her when I got to the place. Apparently that was lucky on my part because she hadn't been spotted for months. At this point I slept and coughed. Coughed and slept. It feels like yesterday.

It was only when I was leaving to go to Portland that I realized I lost a sketchbook with all the song lyrics for my new album in it. Obviously, being a dude, I got it back because it had been turned in to the lost and found. Of course that was nice but I still suffered the stress of flying standby. I was sure I wouldn't make it and a heart attack was inevitable. I made the plane.

Was it just last week that I was painting the crazy chiropractors office? Picking apples in Yakima? Cleaning a barbecue for money? Hell I guess it wasn't. Last week I was in LA. Dirty doggin' on the Coast Starlight train line. I met con artists and gypsies. Or perhaps they were me. It must have been last night that I was drinking beer in the bar at Whole Foods with my black cousin. Oh wait, that was the Toys R' Us loading dock in Kennewick WA with a young movie star. Or would he be considered more of a "guy who walked down a hill in a movie"? Doesn't matter because I was there. From the beginning to the end. Of course I did take some pictures and make some videos along the way but you will have to be satisfied with my music and this picture:

I made a joke that he (Jackson Rathbone) laughed at right after this. Some broad asked him to sign her I-Pad, which is so cliche! he asked if it was for him, and I said "But there's no Angry Birds!" he laughed and said "No Angry Birds?" "Yeah, it's basically a bullshit I-Pad"!

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