Friday, November 9, 2012

Yes I was hanging around with gypsies today.

If you are paying any attention at all to this report I apologize. It would probably be far more fun to be flying around in a squirrel suit. Or maybe you just want to try on hats. Either way, some how you got sucked in to my weird world. So what does that have to do with gypsies? Not much except that while I was waiting to see if I could get in to the premier of Twilight Breaking Balls II (which I failed at) there was a whole damn family of gyppo's waiting with me. By that I mean roughly 15 gypsies. The mom gypsies were tough as hell. I asked the kids if the were "throwers" and they were surprised how I knew. They just seemed like shoe throwing types is all.

 Oh, and I got on TV. Anyway, it has been crazy even just riding the train down the coast. Expect some serious craziness in the next few days.Just so you know, for fun I tried to end this little post by inserting a gratuitous picture I found by google image searching "weird ass Asian man" but the computer is acting up. I would have posted the gymnast. That is all.

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