Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Minneapolis Craigslist Revisited!!

It only took about 5 minutes before I realized that I was making a huge mistake by not posting more of the madness which must be Minneapolis. Perhaps its all the damn lakes that makes people crazy? Well it only took about five minutes to get a lot more good stuff, of course I am continuing the policy of using their pictures and creating  captions for them. Here goes:

FREE Bikini shaving, waxing - m4w (St. Paul, Mpls.)

This is an unusual request. I would like to be your bikini trimming, shaving, specialist. I would like to do this professionally. I am looking to for a lady to help me hone my skills. I have some experience but need more practice. This would be very professional, very platonic, a draped and gloved session. It could be just a little trim or the enter area. It would be a relaxing experience, with hot towels , essential fragrances , lotions, oil, etc. Yes a production, all just to pamper you. I'm also interested in waxing if you are interested. I would come to you in the comfort and security of your own home or apartment. Email me if you are interested. Remember there is no charge, and I promise you a professional, safe, wonderful relaxing experience. 

Even this beautiful sunset will make you feel dirty after reading that!

 What the hell does it mean?
First of all, an amateur shaving specialist wants to come to your house. Second, he used the phrase "draped and gloved session"! Are you interested in "not getting raped"? If the answer is yes, please do not respond! Even if the idea of free pampering is hot to you, DO NOT RESPOND! I know it's hard, especially when he so badly needs someone to help "hone his skills"! DO NOT GIVE IN! BUT IF YOU DO, HE TOTALLY ACCEPTS TIPS. HE "TOLD" ME!

LatinoLook'n2chat - m4w - 28 (East Bethel, Mn)

Jus looking to chat with someone interesting... Dont care what the subject is about as long as its "strictly platonic"...and yes Iam real.....serious replies only....

Looking for some platonic three-way action ladies!

 What the hell does it mean?
 It certainly is simple on the surface, he's lookin'2chat rite? Yo, but on another level, I think he might actually not be real! This poor man is so psychologically damaged from the thing in his face that he went on Craigslist as a cry for help!

OMG This day is dragging - m4w - 27 (Eden Prairie)

I cannot be the only one who has to work a full day today. Maybe you have off but you are stuck with your family and are bored out of your mind? Help me!!! Send me a message, send me a picture of your dog, send me a picture of your kitty :-O lol Whatever, just help me pass the day please :)

What the hell does it mean?
Somewhere in Eden Prairie there is a young man hoping you will send him naked pictures of yourself.

Workout buddy maybe more - m4m - 50 (Hopkins/ SLP)

  Just joined LA Fitness in Hopkins. New in town from So Cal. Mid 50's and look younger. White, straight talking/lifestyle for the most part. Have some curiosity about possibly augmenting a platonic male friendship with a reciprocal mutual oral as a side benefit, but it's not a prerequisite. New Age, spiritual and non dogmatic background. Healthy living and honesty is important to me. 6.0 178lbs and losing. My goal is strength training while increasing stability. Interested in a friendship, but my romantic focus has always been with the ladies, because thats what makes me weak in the knees.

What the hell does it mean?
I'm gay. I want oral sex with a fit man. Also I'm gay. I can pass for straight if I'm in a group of blind people and I don't say anything, but I'm actually super gay. I'm sort of fat as well as totally gay. Females disgust me and  I just seriously want men.

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