Thursday, December 13, 2012

Harmonica in my soul

Previously on the BS Report I have written about harmonicas, why you shouldn't play harmonica, why Bob Dylan is a terrible harmonica player and I started a ten part series (I finished one) about ten harmonica greats who make Dylan look like a clown! Clearly I am passionate about the instrument. I know I never started out wanting to play the harmonica, I didn't even understand how Jerry Garcia made such cool sounds (hint: it was electric slide guitar played by a master). All I know is that I loved music. All music. When I was a young kid I listened to oldies. Later the neighbor kids (and Terminator Two my parents had no idea I was watching) got me into Guns N' Roses, though I never bought a tape. I did have an MC Hammer tape which was cool. The first album I got was the Beastie Boys License 2 Ill along with the black Mettalica album. It was nice to fit in, but in my heart I just wanted to hear what I had heard on a Jimmy Buffett live album in 8th grade. Stories. And Songs. AND BITCHI'N HARMONICA BY GREG "FINGERS" TAYLOR!!!

There is no other instrument that can soar so high and tear so utterly the human soul. A close second is the violin, but it will always be its own. A slide guitar can break and cut, but maybe because the harmonica is an extension of a human voice it is given that extra bit of soul which can never be replicated. No, the harmonica is the one sound I will always have. Until I breathe my last (though to be honest at the end I am sure I will say something disgusting that everyone will agree should be taken off the record) I will sing a song for harmonicas. Real played ones not that Bob Dylan huff and puff.

It was fun but it's not giving me much freedom as a harmonica player! You understand right? Right?

As you may know I am real close to finishing an album with which I hope to lure in a excellent band who can both push me and provide me freedom to play harmonica unencumbered by guitar. I need to stand on a stage with the music playing so I can get the songs inside me outside me, Harmonica is very difficult, and unless you have a good band, its better to just stick with guitar. OK, that's enough. The whole reason I posted was I wanted you to hear some real harmonica playing in the video at the bottom of the page. Greg "Fingers" Taylor and Jimmy Buffett from the Son of a Son of a Sailor album Coast of Marseilles.

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