Monday, December 3, 2012

Living on the road my friends...

Today I have a nice home. I actually fit on the couch here. Yesterday evening I got to play video games against my friends 8 year old daughter (AND WON!!!) and help pick up a large piece of furniture. Maybe that sounds boring to you, but at this stage in the game boring is awesome. Last week I was hanging around Portland at Troubadour Studios waiting for free studio time so I could work on my album (which I have paid next to nothing to do because of great friends). It was nice, but there is something unsettling about having to pick up your stuff and make it look like nobody is sleeping in the studio, because if the real clients found out they would probably all want to move in! Well we did get three out of 12 songs done with a final mix, they are on my Reverbnation page, feel free to share them!

This week since I am out of money to record, I am in the process of finding ways to make money. Luckily my old friends I am staying with have a garage full of furniture and need me to find a storage unit and a home for that. I am also going to get rid of my record collection I have been building for 18 years. It's sad I know, but at the same time I feel like it's a weight around my neck. When you have material things weighing you down it makes travel difficult. Right now all I know is that I will not be in the northwest too long. I need to do a couple more sessions at the studio and I want to take and bust out a rough draft of my book (My Name Is NOT Edward), then I know I need to get to the big smoke.

 In my mind I know I need to get to LA or New York. One of the two so I can find a real publisher and agent to see what will happen. My plan is to push this stuff until my birthday (April 22) and if nothing happens, at least I will know I worked as hard as I could. In the last three years I have produced and recorded two albums, more than 50 podcasts (short), written 160 blog posts, a book (as I mentioned it is right now 600 pages of notes), and traveled all over the US and spent a year in Australia. I'm tired. Damn tired. All I want to do is find a place to call home, a place I can leave and know I can come back to. My goal is to be touring with book promotions and music, I wouldn't mind living on the road, as long as there is a place to return. So in closing, sorry I wasn't able to be funny, it's a hard thing to manufacture. Cheers, Buzzard.

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