Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 goals etc

Sorry I have been so uninvolved with the BS Report over the past month. It has a busy season of work during which I was actually able to get a lot done. My excuse for the lack of BS is that I wanted to finish the projects at hand. Also I was able to spew a quite effective pile of BS since I started writing it in September. Thus I don't think many people have actually read all of it. I am wanting to let them catch up. A kindly soul am I!

Projects that I am really interested in are as follows: "Devil in The Tin Shop" My album which was started May 23rd and finished December 23rd. We spent about 5 total days on it, but a production which is that drawn out can weigh heavy on the shoulders of the one trying to finish. An unfinished project is hard to envision completed from outside sources. Even though I have many hundreds of good ideas I want to work on, in reality I can only focus on a few. To finish the recording process is very freeing. I anticipate playing more shows locally now that I have an album with which to book myself. Thank you to all who have listened.

The book. Many of you know that I am working on a memoir of my adventures/misadventures as "The Worlds Most Twidentified Man" I finally started writing my first draft in the early part of December, and am proud to say that I am over 40 pages and moving like the proverbial tortoise. I prefer to make steady progress than to move in fits and starts, and possibly risk burnout. I have settled myself into a 2,000 word per day regimen and it is not too daunting. What really bothers me is that I have about 200 pages of notes that I still need to go over. I think creating draft two will not be without its problems.

Lastly, getting some videos shot. I feel like a bit of a fool since I own a very nice video camera and have still barely used it. The funny thing is that my youtube channel is getting new subscribers all the time. It is regrettable that I have been so slow to get new videos made. I hope that this winter I will be able to post new videos more frequently. I am sorry this blog is so boring, I just wanted to update you about my progress. Sincerely, Ian "Buzzsaw" Barnes

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