Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's been a weird year (2010 top 10)

Hello friends, I apologize for my lack of work on this here BS report, but I have been rather busy these last couple of weeks. I have been so busy that I can't even think of anything funny. At least nothing worth writing about. So I am putting this together to highlight a great strange year. It will be two parts, a top ten list of 2010:

10. Finishing my album "Devil in The Tim Shop" has got to be on this list. I started this project in May when I recorded guitar, vocals and harmonica for ten songs in my kitchen with my friend Caleb Baker of Troubador Studios, Portland Oregon. We then recorded background vocals, bass and violin at another house in north Seattle. This was done while I was doing a welding job, setting up to go to Forks, moving out of my house, and playing a gospel concert at Seattle Folklife Festival. We did two hours of electric guitar stuff in early October in Portland. I then got the call that there was time this past week to record. So I went down and recorded three new songs and overdubbed a bit more. The rest of the time was spent mixing and editing. Here is the link:

9. Taking a trip to the southlands to go on a major Twilight destination vacation/work trip. I have always wanted to visit the south so when I was given the opportunity to take a trip down with a tough Aussie twi-mum and my buddy Lando, I took it. We got to meet friends old and new. We saw the studio where they are filming Twilight: Breaking Dawn. We found another film location and I had someone walk off his job at risk of being fired because he thought I was Robert Pattinson. I also got Twidentified by a guy with one leg and a pot leaf hat in Austin TX. I flew from Austin to Seattle and landed in the middle of a snow storm.

8. Inventing the word "twidentified". It has really saved me a LOT of time. Especially since I am writing a book about all the experiences which come with being very much twidentified. While we were in Portland I was twidentified by a stoned hippy. She was a total Twilight fan, even going to Forks. Another funny thing is that my friend and engineer/co-producer Caleb calls it "Itwinified" he has also been known to say "twitified." For the past few days I have been using "itwinified."

7. Making enough money, by hook or by crook to survive without "working for the man." As someone who knows he is terrible at running a business, the very idea of cashing out all my investments to move to Forks was a little daunting. The fact that my family thought I was crazy (literally, details in the book) and my friends though Twilight was ridiculous didn't help. At the same time I believed I had a story to tell and somehow I survived. I want to thank everyone who bought a picture, put money in the tip jar, or simply gave me some food. It is because of your generosity that I can write to you now.

6. The only thing better than being crazy enough to quit your job, invest in a photo booth, drive to an LA movie premier, then move to the middle of nowhere to set up shop, is finding someone crazy/stupid enough to join you! My little buddy Lando, that fat little blob, was just the guy. If not for him, I would probably have either gone crazy, been killed, or been wildly successful. All the time I was in the spotlight, he was watching and listening. He helped me get my computer stuff going, and pretty much maintained sanity. He is a very talented guy, so check out his work:

Have a great Christmas, Buzzsaw

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