Friday, April 29, 2011

Jackass alert!!! Washington DC area!!!!!!

Dear readers, I understand that this is written in bold. I have not figured out how to make this stop. Yes, I know i could take the time to do so, but I feel that I have a much more important task at hand. It has come to my attention that a pretentious jackass is loose in the Washington DC area, and my readers must be warned. Look out ladies, he is in a bar right now, and he is highly confident. You will find him eating salted edamame (which he can identify, but not spell correctly). Hint: he is not sitting with 4 other guys in a "circle formation" he is actually dancing with your friend and it is making you jealous. It is quite possible that he is "peacocking" and being rude to you. He might look like this: 

Please, if you see this man try to resist the urge to ravish him! Hint: It will not be possible!


Recent law-grad in search of a, great wing-man - m4m - 26 (Potomac)

Date: 2011-04-29, 8:45AM EDT


First of all let me make this very clear, I am not gay, bi, nor looking for a sexual experience of any sorts. This is a totally platonic and friendly posting.

I am interested in meeting someone like myself. A professional graduate who enjoys going out to clubs and events, to meet women. I believe I am fairly successful at picking up women, but in need of a wing-man; also an acting wing-man for you. I am not one of those guys you will find at a club or bar that hangs out with five or six other guys in a circle formation. I am pretty confident and do not mind going alone. However, I am new to the area and have been running into a slight bump.

This past Saturday night, I was at Josephine, and I met a group of four girls. I had a great time with them and we pretty much enjoyed each others company for most of the evening, but I could not "close the deal". I was speaking to one of the girls and the other three were just so clingy, making the girl I was dancing with feel as if she would be abandoning her friends for a guy if she left with me.

I am looking for someone who is at least 5'11, height weight proportionate, slightly pretentious, dresses a bit more formal than everyone around him (no baggy jeans please) and enjoys House music and salted Edimami (If you don't know what this is, it should probably be a sign). Race and age are not an issue for me. However, I am not looking to teach anyone anything. Please already be well versed in the art. I am mostly attracted to foreign women, and that's who I approach predominantly. You don't have to stick to this, and are welcome to speak to anyone, and I will back you up.

For me I can honestly say it is not about sex. It's just about the challenge and excitement. There just aren't many things left in life that offer a challenge anymore. I like to go out once a week, no more really, as a lot of my time is devoted to my career. From clubs, bars to boat parties, my best friend and I used to have our "routine" down to a science. However, he recently got engaged and his fiance is intelligent enough to not let him go out with me, at least on late weekend nights. Not to mention his personality has changed as well. He can not be blamed as women have a way of doing this.

Well if interested, please drop a line. Thanks.

Postscript: I want to fully assure all males who answer this posting that this man is NOT GAY! Thank you for your time. Buzzsaw. PS-How do you like my new ostrich feather hat?

Note: Ladies, rest assured that in his heyday, this man and his best friend got ALL the girls at ALL the boat parties! ALL!

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