Monday, March 14, 2011

Twihard With A Vengeance! Real-time in BC!

I am sitting in a Starbucks across from the Orpheum Theater in downtown Vancouver. They are filming Twilight Breaking Dawn (or wind depending on perspective) in the lobby I believe. Actually I have no idea where in the theater they are filming, all I know is that they are. If I were able to buy a book called "Celebrity Look-a-likes For Dummies" I would. Unfortunately it doesn't exist. Yet. Until I write it I will have to walk around awkwardly. trying to figure out what to do.

I woke up around 8, I should have been outside since 6 am or something. fortunately for me, I can make even the mundane sound interesting, so getting a scoop with set photos is unimportant to me. I just want crazy. I am wearing a shirt that says "Twihards Rule" and I have done two laps around the building. The first time I only blew a couple minds.

I can see the crew and gear on the sidewalk, a lot of them are standing around smoking. The first really great interaction was when I came down an alley from the north side and popped out on a security guard and a big fella. Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. I needed to check out of my hostel room, so I walked back, talked with some new international friends and got out.

I went to my car to see if it had been towed and put my backpack in. I was greeted by the smell of gas. I somehow knocked over my gas can and the lid popped off. It will be a long drive to Seattle with the windows open, but you want your boy home in one piece right? So suffer I will. Anyway, the second time around the block was even funnier. There are a group of obsessed fans standing around with umbrellas right across the street from me. When I appeared in front of them they all freaked out. But they only stared and talked about me, as if I didn't know. So I hit one with some intense eye contact as I walked past. Then I stopped right up the block and got out the video camera and got some crappy footage. That is what I am currently doing. Camping out on the fringes of Breaking Wind.


  1. You are right! Your mundane actually made me laugh! Keep at it!

  2. You Love the attention..