Thursday, March 17, 2011

Someone fell for it. Glad it wasn't you!

The beauty about Craigslist is that it allows one to research a place without actually going there. As they say, take a trip and never leave the farm (which was a line from song called Wildwood Weed, an ode to psychadelics). Today I have transported myself to Adelaide Australia. The city of churches. I don't know if the two people I feature go to those churches, if they do they should pray for more brains. Here is the story.

I went to the personal postings, and it seems that in Adelaide folks have other ways to meet people there were only a handful of posts. Luckily one of them was this:

Wealthy International Businessman etc etc etc - 45 (Adelaide)

Date: 2011-03-09, 12:43AM CST
I'd just like to warn people of a man posting on CL such things as "Wealthy International Businessman" arrived from places like the French Riviera. Please do not reply, he is a convicted conman and I'd hate people to be caught out like I was.

What amazed me was the fact that someone would fall for something like this in the first place. I was also amazed that the person admitted it. I can only guess that it is actually some kind of accomplice because how would they know that the conman had been convicted...Maybe it is being used to trick people who have a fetish for being conned...strange and funny. It was interesting as well that three entries down I found this:

Arrived from France wealthy Int Bussinessman (Adelaide)

Date: 2011-02-21, 1:00AM CST
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Have been in this wonderful city 8mths,have yet to meet a woman
that can capture my attention or desire to feel fulfilled in mind and body.If you have a presence that stops the world then send me words and a recent photo that might stop mine.Not interested in dreamers or bull shit,keep it real,honest and raw,must be addicted to living and love travel,the ocean,the french riviera and Definatly not stuck in Vanilla.If you want to live life no regrets laugh,dance,eat,sing,drink good wine,explore the places no one wants you to see,love passion,hunger for wild lust without fear,then be brave nothing ever happens without effort and a change.YES? Give me something worth reading,No photo No response,not that hard to understand is it.
After reading it I am shocked that anyone who even has the mental capacity to turn on a computer and operate the internet would fall for it. It starts big and gets bigger. First off, I would guess that most wealthy businessman can spell businessman correctly. I also find it fishy that a man of his wealth and obvious class could remain anywhere for 8 months and not meet a lady that can captivate him. Also "Just Arrived From France" 8 months ago? How is that "just arriving" it doesn't even make sense! His charm is evident throughout with lines like "Not interested in dreamers or bull shit,keep it real,honest and raw,must be addicted to living and love travel,the ocean,the french riviera and Definatly not stuck in Vanilla." how can you not be blown away! He is quite clearly a wealthy businessman, so I guess his insistence on "no dreamers" makes loads of sense. One can just imagine him dictating this to his secretary who probably is in love with him, but doesn't stand a chance because she doesn't have "hunger for wild lust without fear" and she isn't sure if she has "a presence that stops the world." A man like that is one in a million, and common folk should stay away. I think the man is slumming by using craigslist. And yes, I am now quite convinced that the first post was placed there by someone who did not send a picture. I changed my mind, the man is a god to me. Merely mortal Buzzsaw.

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