Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Make this quick & Easy-Amarillo

Obviously I have been letting my love for craigslist die a bit this week, so I hopped on to see what was going on in Amarillo TX. Let me first tell you that if Craigslist is an indicator, the internet is a rare commodity in Amarillo. Either that or women. In the "Women seeking Men" section there were a grand total of three posts! Shocked I hopped over to the platonic section and was pleasantly surprised by this fine ad. It is a complex post, with a nice bouqet. Something that might need to be allowed the chance to breathe before you can take in the fruity tones and rich aftertaste. I particularly like the part about the "seizure problem." I expect that you will find this wonderful post as fascinating and pleasant as I did. If anyone is interested in texting him, I changed the number and if you contact me I can send the link with the correct one. Anyway, who says Buzzsaw doesn't love you? Peace!

make this quick and easy - 27 (amarillo)
Date: 2011-02-24, 5:46AM CST
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I dont care about your gender or anything really. I want to get to know people and find things to do but one thing that makes it hard to get out and meet people is... I don’t drive, never have and never will due to a seizure problem that is not noticeable 99% of the time unless you are staring directly at me. If that’s too much to handle I won’t hear from you but otherwise I would love to talk. I am looking for dating and/or more but when you reply to this post I know your not and i can accept that. I have posted under the relationship section for that purpose but we can all use more friends so Why not post here as well? Exactly, no reason not to. After dozens of responses to this posting i realized I need to add some important info, although i have no problems with gays and a couple of my friends are lesbians so have no problem being friends with gays/lesbians as friends but I am strictly for females when it comes to dating or more. I post in this platonic section for the purpose of finding friends at the platonic level. most of my friends are females but cant go out as often as i would like to since they have kids. While Im all for more female friends, I should probably try to hang out with some more males too. anyways, if ur looking for just friends, go ahead and text me. text me 9o7 fiveseventhree twenty ninetynine if you would care to talk.
 Postscript: FYI, I also have no problem being friends with lesbians and gays. Buzzsaw

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