Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meyer sends Twilight Saga to Libya! "I truly hope they find their Edward"

As the civil war in Libya is reaching a fever pitch, world leaders are frantically searching for solutions that would offer a peaceful resolution. In America, one woman has come up with a unique and possibly fool proof way to achieve just that. Author Stephanie Meyer has pledged 10,000,000 copies of her popular Twilight saga to the Libyan nation in hopes that her work can change the hearts and minds of a beleaguered nation.

Speaking at a press conference in a Phoenix Applebee's the author detailed her plan that includes airdropping the books over Tripoli and other major Libyan cities. The United Nations have offered to supply the airplanes and aircraft carriers needed in what has been dubbed "Operation Sparkle Drop" in reference to the glittering appearance of the vampires in her beloved series!

The idea came to Meyer in a dream which she had last Thursday night. "I saw myself standing in a square full of protesters, when suddenly I saw Edward emerge from the entrance of a mosque. He raised his hands and suddenly the fighting stopped. And just like that I woke up." To many people such a dream might seem strange and unimportant, but Meyer didn't hesitate. "I knew that there was a solution. Reading has always been a powerful catalyst to change, and great literature is always going to affect that change. Especially when it is a book about true love, dedication, and the power therein. Honestly, I just want those people to find their own "Edward."

In her Twilight Saga, Edward Cullen is a 108 year old man-child vampire who has never had sex. Until he meets, courts, and marries, human Bella Swan. In a way according to Meyer, Libya is a lot like Bella. "Bella feels very much disconnected from the outside world. Libya is an awkward little country that feels strange around other countries. Libya is a plain little country, and it needs someone that loves it. Just like Edward loves Bella. In a way it is a perfect metaphor. That's why I am sending the Saga."

Critics have spoken up saying that the whole thing is a publicity stunt, but Meyer stuck to her guns. "It's not cheap to send 40,000,000 books. If I thought it wouldn't help I wouldn't do it!" When asked about the possibility of a Nobel Peace prize, the author smiled effortlessly. "I'm not saying it couldn't happen! She winked.

So starting this week, Operation Sparkle Drop will be kicking off, loading tens of thousands of books into planes all over Africa and Europe. In a White House press conference US President Barak Obama had this to say: "I am really proud of Stephanie, and as President I offer full support. As a man and a fan of The Twilight Saga, I am Team Edward all the way!"  As the rest of the world waits for the mission to unfold, what better way to spend our time, than by opening up The Twilight Saga, and finding an Edward of our own!


  1. Woohoo! Where can I sign up for Operation Sparkle?!?

    You know, I've often thought Gaddafi looked a lot like Aro... just sayin.

  2. Really? No seriously, Really? Ok then, I will go with that idea. Comparing Libya to Bella though is a little far fetched. Rock on Stephanie!