Saturday, February 12, 2011

Man seeks Lesbians!

It seems to me that the further I get into the world of Craigslist the more normal weird things become. I found this one in Tulsa OK and I couldn't help but smile. I truly hope that a pair of lesbians is reading it and smiling. Nodding. Smiling. Emailing. Inseminating. Pregnanting. Birthing. Raising. Interacting with biological dad. Sending Christmas cards. Dropping by after tee ball. Showing dad the product of his genetics. It is a beautiful story.

man seeks lesbian(s) who wants child - m4w - 48 (Tulsa)

I believe I am told old to raise a child (male or female) but would love to offer my genes and be aquainted with child and be there if needed.
I do not have a relationship @ moment and don't see having a child with someone anytime in the future. I have no problem also doing it
clinically...that's fine by me, just would like to know I contributed and know them and watch them grow in a loving household. I am not rich
by any means....just happy, intelligent, artistic and easy on the eyes and am in good physical shape except for a little pooch.

Please Contact Me!

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