Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stud looking for friends

Essentially I am doing nothing. I am supposed to be writing, which I have neglected to do. I am supposed to be working on my truck, that is not happening. If any of my readers feel like adopting me, I am cheaper than buying a new puppy. Plus I am trained to use a litter box. Anyway, in my drone like state I went back to craigslist, this time checking out Seattle. What a welcomed surprise I found! Here it is:

stud lookin for friends - w4w - 22 (Bremerton)

What sup dis dat stud comin str8 from da 360...just on here looking for friends only n thats it.....i'm lookin for a nice femme that can keep it real str8 up no bullsh*t at all....just get at me for pix 

Short and to the point. He says it like he means it. Str8 up. I was slightly confused that he says w4w, and the tone of his writing is decidedly masculine. I am guessing that perhaps, being a stud, he just wanted to get as many women as possible. Or perhaps he is a female stud. I am sure they exist. For those who are not local to Washington state, the term "from da 360" means nothing. Neither does Bremerton. What you should know is that the area is virtually busting at the seams with studs. In fact it is known locally as the "Stud Sector." Not only are the studs stunning, but they are sensetive and caring studs too. So when he makes the opening statement "sup dis dat stud str8 from da 360" he is essentially showing you his pedigree papers as a pure bred bremerton stud. So the fact that he is asking for someone who can "keep it real str8 up" is almost a given. You do realize that you are reading the posting of a genuine stud don't you? Don't you? This post is still up, and I advise all "femmes" to respond. You could be missing the opportunity of a lifetime!


  1. That was funny str8 ^! I love your stuff Ian! Wait not your stuff persay. But your writting!

  2. referring to your self as a stud may limit your friend getting chances....just sayin'


  3. The question is...can you bathe yourself? That may make or break your adoption status.

  4. Dis bitch aint puttin out til she see some st8 up pedigree papers!!


    *bewb jiggle*