Thursday, February 17, 2011

Worst of Minneapolis Craigslist!

I was going to try and send this to a lady friend of mine. It was just too good. I already used two of these posts previously. What I realized is that Minneapolis must be one of the strangest places on earth, Or the most normal. The following was all found in about 10 minutes of searching. It was by far the most fruitful Craigslist mining adventure other than m=Maine which is also a particularly perverted state judging by its postings. Anyway, read these and be happy with your life. Sincerely, Buzzsaw

·         wife is passed out drunk - m4w - 40 (Maple Grove)
·         Date: 2011-02-12, 7:58PM CST
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·         Want to chat?

Can you relate to "staying for the kids"

Any financially amazing men out there?? - 30 (South Metro)

Date: 2011-02-09, 4:32PM CST
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I am interested to see if there are any here in Minnesota that are just fun and sweet. I hope your out there. Can't wait to hear from you!
·         Location: South Metro
·         Mature Friend Sought - m4w - 27 (SW Minneapolis)
·         Date: 2011-02-09, 4:09PM CST
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·         Do you have high-stress prople in your life that you can't easily avoid? I sure do, and I could use a calm, reasonable friend to serve as antidote.

I miss my grandparents' generation. My parents' generation and my own (so far) have both been melodramatic, and I'm still waiting for them to grow out of that.

You won't find me cheating or bickering. When I don't get what I need from other people, I make it. When I don't like how I'm treated, I disengage and do the same thing. It's usually less work than throwing a tantrum, as much as that seems to be in style at the moment. Leaving that mess behind is an opportunity to build something better, assuming that you know how.

I'm also a long-term planner who won't offer quick fixes or simple answers. If you can relate to that, then we might have some of common ground.
·         New Jock Seeking Masc Friends. - m4m - 30 (Minneapolis)
·         Date: 2011-02-09, 10:09AM CST
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·         Hey guys,

I am a Str8/ Bi Muscled jock guy here looking for quality like minded friends. I am new to the area and would like to find a couple good looking built masculine guys ages 30-40 that are into lifting, physical activities, to hang with and get to know. I am 30 yrs old , Irish, built, and good looking. My main reason for posting this ad is to find a workout partner that is consistent in the gym, to help push me to the next level...and vice versa. So if you workout at LA Fitness in Uptown, even better!! Also, it would be awesome to just have a bud to grab a beer/bite, or coffee with once a week. This is by no means an ad for sex. I do have a preference for the type of I guys I like to surround my self with, so please send pics/stats and tell me a little bit about yourself in first email. I have pics to trade as well. I hope to hear from some great men!
WWMBD (What Would Michael Bolton Do) - m4w (Metro MN)

Date: 2011-02-09, 8:58AM CST
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Do you ever find yourself asking yourself that? I don't, but I feel my life would have much more meaning if I did.

Do you find it odd that I just asked that? Me too.

I'm a married dude that likes to party. By "party", I mean "enjoy random online conversations with other ladies and/or 70-year old dudes posing as women".

If you like to email througout the day regarding inappropriate or random matters, email me. If not, kiss my butt!
·         Location: Metro MN
·         Lost Playing Truth or Dare - m4w - 40 (Saint Paul)
·         Date: 2011-02-08, 8:28PM CS
·         I lost playing truth or dare and now I have to do the dare! I have been dared to have a woman take a picture of me naked. Any takers? Call or email Rob @
·         Looking for African American Friends - m4m - 42 (South Burbs)
·         Date: 2011-02-08, 3:31PM CST

·         Looking for African American guys that would like to be friends with a Caucasian guy. I like sports, movies, darts, coffee and much more or just hanging low and chatting. If interested hit me up
·         Want a big burger? - 26 (Minneapolis)
·         Date: 2011-02-06, 2:31AM CST
       Hey folks,

I'm wanting to go eat the pound burger at Fudruckers. I haven't done it since high school.

This ad is real simple: skinny boy seeks partner to eat 16 ounces of beef (plus bread!) because he doesn't want to do it alone. There will be easy conversation and it will be a good time.

Let me know when you're thinking!

·         Personal assistant for Professional Black Male - m4m - 40 (Metro, South Metro)
·         Date: 2011-02
      White Male early forties seeks part time job as personal assistant to a Professional Black Male. I can assist with all domestict duties, run errands and assist with business duties. I am professional, intelligent and trustworthy.
·         Do You Have A Babysitter? - m4w (your fave restaurant)
·         Date: 2011-02-02, 11:06AM CST Middle-aged gentlemanly father of teens is seeking the company of a single mother for dinner at her favorite restaurant.
Offer extended to expectant single mothers, too. (Or, maybe, especially!)
Dinner is my treat, babysitter included.
We would meet at the restaurant, and part there.
Strong, fit, masculine guy who got a late start at parenting. My kids are keeping me young.
I'm established, divorced, and unattached; nice, with a range of conversation.
·         Pregnant? - 34 (Dakota Cty)
·         Date: 2011-01-31, 3:26PM CST
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·         I'm looking for a pregnant woman who is attached. I'm attached also, but would love to
Email,chat or talk about your very sexy body changes. Let me know.
·         I want a lesbian friend. - m4w - 21 (Minneapolis MN)
·         Date: 2011-01-30, 11:14PM
·         Most likely if you're a lesbian, you aren't looking here. So this might be tough.
This might sound strange, but you know how so many girls want a gay guy friend? Well I want a gay girl friend, haha.
My reasoning is I never hang out with girls. I want to have some as friends, and if I were friends with a lesbian, there'd be no tension! Haha.
Plus they're totally cool!
So yeah! I want to be friends with a lesbian :).
Don't really need a picture for friends. But here is one anyways!

Male crossdresser seeking makeup artist - m4w - 52 (Mpls St. Paul)
·         Date: 2011-01-29, 1:35 pm 
·         Hi,
I am a nice looking, well mannered guy that crossdresses occassionally. I am looking for a woman that is very good with makeup, and would like to exchange any type of mechanical, electrical, automotive or carpentry skills for your talent with makeup, so that my face and hair would look as feminine and beautiful as possible.

I am good at all of the above, so if you have anything needing fixing, let me know. Can send a pic, if interested.


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  1. lol any pride I had left about living in Minnesota just went right out the window.