Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Contest by Lando

After the big blow up the other day I was finally able to get the bros to make peace. For a little while. I was able to get them to shut up on one condition. That they have a contest to see who can write a better review. So surprisingly I got them both to agree. Funny because Anita K and I had pretty much decided to leave them in Vegas. So I gave them each the choice of what they wanted to review, and they have 24 hours to write them. We will then have readers vote as to which review is better. As for me I don't read. I really like pictures. So I am going to finish this off by posting some of my favorite pictures. See ya, Lando

PS-Sexy Boots!


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  2. Hey!Referee Truddy Trud, my friend! lol.. I would have left him in Vegas too lol Ian's a sassy