Monday, November 1, 2010

Response to Tim Kunkel PHD

I received the following letter the other day. Not having the chance to open it due to the large pile of voting pamphlets and phonebooks, I found it last night it reads as follows:

Greetings. My name is Tim Kunkel, PHD. I have found you to be quite an interesting person. It may surprise you hearing this, but don't worry. Our secret is safe. I bet you want to know how I met you? Ah, a "normal" response. You see I have been active in the online community known as "facebook" for at least 6-8 months. In doing so I have created several persona's with which I network. You friended, my persona "Czech Fraud" in July. I presented myself as a broken hearted man who had his heart destroyed by a mail-order bride from the Czech Republic. And you bought it. There are things about our friendship which I appreciate. First that you sent me $529 for a plane ticket to Prague so I could collect my things from our place. Second, thanks for taking the time to answer personal questions about yourself. When I said that you were important to me I meant it. Of course we always used to jest a lot. I am sure it was meant as a "pick me up" for "Czech Fraud." on the other hand I found you touchy when I called you at 3 last Thursday night. Do you hate me?
                                                                Best Regards, Tim Kunkel, PHD

Dear Tim. I find this whole affair a bit confusing. Who are you? Can you please send back the money? I thought I was helping out an old bro! Are you insane? Are you really a doctor? Help me, I have a lot of questions! I hate you Dr Tim Kunkel, you are tearing me apart! You make me mistrust the goodness of humanity! Never again will I believe the internet! My dreams are crushed. You are a terrible person!
                                                                Best Regards, Ian "Buzzsaw" Barnes

Note: I just mailed the letter today. And I  feel downright terrible! To be defrauded, on the internet of all places!

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  1. Your Joking right? You didn't seriously believe some stranger you never met did you? You didn't really send the guy money did you? If you believe the guy, that's not smart at all,no matter how generous you thought it I'm thinking you have a raw sense of humor.. or not?