Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hey, it turns out there are people more creepy than me! Wahoo!

Sometimes YOU just need a place to get away from it - mw4w - 55 (Tacoma)

We are seeking female companionship. YES, do you just want to get away from all the crap?
Are you looking for a place that you could come and visit or hang out in the afternoon or weekends?
SHE is a larger BBW over age 60 and HE is average hwp. We are only friends that would like a woman to become close to.
Do you want to have a lite dinner such as turkey,pizza a wine cooler and just talk or play cards?
What is going on in your life? Are you a young woman that is tired of the bars and guys?
Please reply with a pic, age and first name.

Dear readers, I was looking on craigslist in order to try and find a posting which would inspire me to new lows. Little did I expect to find this. It is the hope diamond of platonic friendship ads. It screams serial killer in a way that the other serial killers posting online have managed to hide when luring their victims to the lair. "YES, Do you want to get away..." Dah! It yells at you then makes it seem like it is offering an escape. I have no idea who would want to visit these people, but it appears that they really don't care. They only require that she be a female. "SHE" is grossly obese and over age 60. "HE" is average and extremely creepy. I am sure that a lot of people would love to meet these two (there were pictures, but  had a problem uploading). Of course the offer of a "lite dinner" such as "turkey, pizza a
wine cooler and just talk and play cards?" This is something we can all agree upon. Well I am going to leave the rest of this piece up to the reader to interpret. Just so you know, this posting terrified me. I was so scared I bought a wig and put on makeup before taking a picture to e-mail them, they said they had a two cheese pizza from Little Cesar's, so I must say, goodbye, Miss Buzzsaw the sexy one!

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  1. That is all kids of creepy. I'm sad I can't see the photos.