Monday, October 11, 2010

As I procrastinate...

Since I am procrastinating many of my responsibilities, I have been looking at Craigslist again to find humorous postings over which I could muse. Well I went to the New Jersey Craigslist, under platonic relationships and found this:

Wrestling partner - 50 (NNJ)

Date: 2010-10-11, 5:42PM EDT

Hello. I am a straight, 50 year old 6'2" 220 male. Enjoy working out and wrestling. Not very good, just looking for a good workout. I am in the Ramsey area. If interested, let me know and lets have a good workout.
  • Location: NNJ
Wrestling partner? Now that is an interesting twist. I am sure for this guy he just wanted to grapple his partner into a sweaty pile because it is damn good exercise. And that does make a tremendous amount of sense. Why join a gym when you can grapple with another man from the comfort of your own home, or personal wrestling ring? I personally would get right into my singlet and head for the mat. One thing I appreciate about this bizarre posting is that he starts by saying hello. As if that would make the whole thing less creepy. It is already bad enough being in the platonic friends listing for, let alone, the title, "Wrestling partner-50" I wonder if he posted his age so that younger, stronger, more svelte wrestlers would leave him alone. Or did he want to appeal to the younger crowd as an easy opponent. He openly admits to being overweight and a poor wrestler. "Sorry I am no good, but could you just hold me in that position for awhile, no, not that one, yeah that one, oh yeah, that's the one!" I bet he loves Aussie rules football too, especially if it involves light  tackling (I was actually invited to an Aussie rules team and was told about the light tackling, but that is for the book). It seems interesting that someone would enjoy something they were not very good at. Especially a competition sport where you kind of get hurt when you lose. People usually do not like to lose things. Especially the ones where you grapple with sweaty men. I am so concerned with losing that I in fact do not grapple with men, sweaty or otherwise. It is just a principle I stick to, no man grapplin'. It has served me well my whole life long. But all that said I do understand a mans need for a good solid workout. I can remember the last time I worked out, it was in March. I remember being really glad when it was over. OK, you got me, it was my posting. Why can't I lie about my age? I just want a really good workout. And I am willing to fly to New Jersey to get one. I really don't see how it became a "matter of interest" to everyone on the entire internets! If I want to be in a writhing man-pile with other sports enthusiasts who cares! I have had enough of this. Time for me to hit the mat.

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