Saturday, October 9, 2010

More opportunity all the time, who says the economy sucks?!

I was lurking on again when I found the following ad. I have to say, I was interested. I have not had any real paying jobs for about a week and I need to at least confuse the bill collectors by paying at least some of the bill. It seems to work with my cell phone. Then again, my cell phone only rings some of the time. There could be a correlation. Anyhow, I saw the advertisement headline, Male chest photography, and I was hooked. I am a male and I have a chest, so I have a chance. A damn good chance.

Male Chest Photography (Seattle)

Date: 2010-10-06, 7:34PM PDTPhotographer here. Amateur. Working on taking better portraiture. Keep your pants on, just remove your shirt. Prefer to take photos of guys in their 20's, athletic, muscular is a plus.
Will provide a modeling fee, plus copies of all photos taken.
I don't do anything with pics, just enjoy taking great pics. I'm for real. It's October 6 and it was actually a nice day in Seattle today.

Once I looked at the ad closely I have to say I was impressed. It starts off great. Photographer here. Just like you called him on the phone. Photographer here. It doesn't keep you guessing. Right out the gates you know what it is about, MCP (male chest photography), and you know that you have a photographer here. Genius. Next thing he says, ameteur. So you know he is not a snob. He is just really working on his chest photography. It is likely that he is one of the 24,767 people that attend the North American Male Chest Photography Exhibition and Trade Show held yearly in Orlando FL. I am working off a hunch, but it just seems that he might fit the demographic. Oh, and it might be a she, but I am going to use he. Just for brevity sake. Back to the ad. I like the fact that you are going to be keeping your pants on during the MCP. You don't even have to think about it. Though since I am already thinking about loopholes (taxes, bills, women, etc) I have to wonder, what about overalls? But to be reasonable, I have to say the pants on had me really convinced that this guy knows his stuff, and by stuff I mean MCP.

Personally, when I got to the age thing, I got a little worried as I mentioned in the last post, I hate to say it, but my 20's are behind me. Also I have to admit that the closest thing to athletics I do is go to an occasional sporting event. I went to a football game tonight, and I watched the end of a baseball game on TV. But I am getting the idea that this guy actually wants someone who might be able to "do sports". In this case I am going to lie, What the hell, I need the work. If I pass that little test, I think I will be happy. He provides a modeling fee. Of course it is undisclosed, but you know, if it works to keep Verizon wireless at bay it works for me. But the kicker is that I get to keep the photos! Because I haven't told anyone my big news, because I was not sure if it was going to happen, but I have just been asked to be a guest speaker at the NAMCP show this year in Orlando! So now I will have some great pictures to accompany my lecture! Back to the ad!

This guy is for real! He is simply doing art for arts sake! He DOESN'T DO ANYTHING WITH THE PICTURES! Thats right, he just wants to work on honing his skills at MCP and nothing, I mean NOTHING is going to stop him! It shows, he struts his stuff a little bit by saying "great pictures". This guy knows he is good, he is just playing it cool. I have to hand it to him, he pulls the whole thing together at the end. He states what we already know, that he is for real, and he ends with a little personality and flair talking about the Seattle weather. There is nothing a Seattleite likes to talk about more than the weather. And to celebrate a beautiful da in October. A perfect day for Male Chest Photography. Salut, Buzzsaw


  1. it would be a little less perverse if they were say, a sculptor needing some model working shots!

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