Saturday, October 16, 2010

These things make me feel normal!

I thought I might swing up to New Hampshire and see what is going on as far as Craigslist postings. This time I went to "Romantic connections". say what you will about my suppressed needs, I am not worried, I will find you r posting and write about it! Well I found a few that I liked, but for some reason the following popped out at me:

Answered your ad... "The Secretary"... - m4w - 43 (55 min away)

Date: 2010-09-06, 2:06PM  Been a long time..... I think about you often.... wondering if you're still pissed...... it would be nice if you could drop me a one word response, just so I knew....

It is a short and somewhat sad little post. The disturbing part is that all the spelling is correct. Other than the use of multiple ellipses, I really can't find anything technically wrong with it. The reason I find it scarier is that a crazy/psycho smart person can be a lot more of one of similar mental stability with less mental capacity. When I looked closely at it, I found evidence of not only one, but two totally crazy people. Crazy Person A, is whatever lunatic wrote "The Secretary" M4W, 43 (55 minutes away) in the first place. Crazy Person B, is whoever answered it. Obviously this is a note from Crazy person B trying to figure out if A is "still pissed", after some unnamed and assuredly disturbing event occurred. Even after spending the last week or so examining these posts, I am more than a little glad that I am only seeing it from this perspective. On the other hand it might be worse trying to imagine what "The Secretary" is supposed to mean. That said, maybe "The Secretary" is not it. Maybe it is the "55 minutes away"! Perhaps this person has a clock fetish. one of the craziest people I have ever met was a clock dealer. I guess he had a whole house entirely filled with different kinds of coo-coo clocks! Dah! Well apparently these two met up for "The Secretary", and something occurred that was so bad that the whole thing caved like a deck of cards. It was probably some that A wanted to be called, then at the end after it was all over, B forgot and called him by his real name, ruining the fantasy. The only other thing which comes to mind is The Kinks song "Lola"! Well I hope that was as good for you as it was for me! Buzzsaw

Postscript: It turns out that Buzzsaw's good friend Marty Letterman was able to fill him in on the whole thing. It turns out that Buzzsaw was incorrect about the whole thing. Marty said that actually the whole thing was great and that the second posting was a part of the role playing he was engaged in. Buzzsaw is now terrified of his former friend Marty Letterman.

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  1. mapquest & gps gives time estimation of travel; do know an eccentric clock collector too