Friday, October 8, 2010

The Future!

Computers will make our brains grow huge, and eventually we will have tiny underdeveloped arms and bodies. I know, how? Because right now my head has grown to the size of a watermelon. Earlier in the day it was the size of a cantaloupe, then I spent 45 minutes to an hour on the online internet. It was fascinating fun, “meeting people” “talking” “learning” etc. In fact I am taking a class on the internet which will help me earn a PHD. I also met a model named Star. We are going to be going on a date after she is done with her swimsuit photo shoot. It is going to be HOT! Anyway, back to my shrinking hands and genitals…I hope that everybody is aware that computers are here to help us. A lot of people get paranoid about them, saying things like “The government is watching me”, but that could not be farther from the truth. The government is watching porn, just like everybody else. So I hope people calm down. One thing I know we should expect is that our views on beauty are going to shift. Just like in the middle ages when the view of beauty was somewhat more full figured than it is today. In the future I am convinced that if you have a hat size below 15 you will not be able to find a date. Especially not with a model like Star. Man you should see her profile pic! It looks like she stepped out of a Sports Illustrated photo shoot! Just plain hot! And not in the “typical” way either. She has an edgy look and a lot of cool tattoos. She even has a barb wire tattoo around her arm! Talk about sexy! Yeah! Oh and I also might have a job where I do nothing except sit around the house and USE THE INTERNET! How sweet is that? And where do you think I found it? Ha! It was right there online. On a little thing called a website! I am so excited for everything the future holds. We have everything to live for and NOTHING to fear! In fact I would say that within the next 3 years you will find that you will never even have to get out of your chair because the internet online will become so AWESOME!  So here’s to the future!