Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Underwear on the outside!

I don't know why, but it feels like one of the days to just let loose. Call me crazy, but I kind of feel like wearing a Power Ranger suit and roller blading. Roller blading fast and serious, hands behind my back. Something about the Power Ranger suit seems like it would make you feel invincible. It should be fairly obvious by now that I did actually buy such a suit, and am in fact wearing it. It is the green Ranger outfit, I like blue the best, but I also like green, so I switched it up. It is my plan to get my blades out, and zip around the local bike trails hitting on women with impunity. There are sure to be outcries and denouncements at this point. So go ahead, tell me Power Rangers aren't sexy. But we all know that sexy is not what gets the women half the time, so I am just going to do a mass attack. If I just cruise like mad, I am sure to get a bite. To be totally honest the type of women who would go for a roller blading Power Ranger are bound to be fun to hang out with. I don't know why I get these crazy urges, but I felt it was something that I should go with. Just like Dolly Parton, who says she always goes with her gut instinct, it is time to stand up for what I believe in! Just like the people who wear their underwear on the outside, or the guys with the combover. Everybody seems to think the combover guys don't know they are bald, but I am pretty sure they do. Just like I am pretty sure I will make some people angry and some people happy this afternoon. In my heart  of hearts I am not totally sure that most people reading this are jealous! Why? Because I am brave enough to follow my dreams. Some people will get excited, some angry, I don't care, and maybe what my dream is today will not be tomorrow, but at least I am going to do it. Sometimes people ask why I do things, such as play music, simple, to stop is to die. I am like a fish, I must keep moving so I can survive. So today, I blade! It is important to me that you know what I will be wearing safety wise, so here is the list: Helmet, wrist braces, knee pads, elbow pads, Power Ranger suit, cape included. OK I have to go, so I hope you do something today that makes you feel alive, I know I do!


  1. Ian I have said before you are an amazing writer but i think this post was my favorite!!

  2. Get back to finishing the Golden Heart song... love, Mayor

  3. See.....amazing. You have a very good talent for writing. You should always do what you want and follow your dreams...that way you won't have any regrets..and if that means dressing up as a green power ranger and going blading....then go for it. You are doing everyday what most people spend their lives regretting not doing. I envy you. You are an amazing man.