Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tattoo or not tattoo?

For some reason, whenever I have a difficult choice to make in life, I feel like it is a good idea to ask others for their opinions. I do this for several reasons, first, even if I have already decided what to do, I know that there are certain people who would be offended if I made any kind of decision without asking. So in those cases I ask for advice and pretend to listen attentively, not that I care what they are saying, but I want to make them think that their opinion matters. Second, if I do something, and someone else advised me to do it, even though it is my choice, I can still kind of blame them. Or at least guilt them into buying the occasional lunch. The latter is the case with the antique anchor that I bought this summer at the urging of my business partner Lando (who for some odd reason has all but disappeared but we can look into that another time). What I am getting at, is that when faced with a tough choice, it seems only logical to go to a website like, and post something such as this:

Do I take the tattoo plunge? - m4w - 29 (Escondido)

Date: 2010-10-17, 3:52PM PDT
I'm coming up on my 30th birthday in just under a week. For YEARS, I have been fascinated by tattoos. So, here I am approaching my 30th birthday, and am debating taking the tattoo plunge. Thus far, I've remained unmarked, but I'd like to do something significant for myself for my 30th.

So, what do you ladies think... to tattoo or not to tattoo? Opinions? What do you're dating someone and find out that they have a tattoo, is that a plus, a minus, or neither? Any opinions???

Anyone want to come with??
One thing I know about the internet as a whole, is that people are largely honest and caring while online. It is a little thing called "netiquite", it is something the majority of people practice. Knowing this it is totally valid to put something like this out there. Doing this you won't have to deal with the people you know, they are the ones who have all the hang-ups anyway! And the cool thing about asking strangers is that they will go with their gut instinct. They will do this, yet take time to taylor their response to you! They aren't going to make some crude comment, then log out. They wouldn't send you to a bad tattoo parlor! Come to think of it they might even want a new tattoo too! I have a firm belief in cyberspace, and I also trust 98% of the people who use it. I find it humorous that certain people are always talking about "being wary" and "not giving out personal information" or "credit card information", in my humble opinion, these people are prudes! What they aren't saying is that the internet is not something you can just "get onto", it takes brains, and years, sometimes decades of study in order to become a fully professional web user. I highly doubt that ANYONE would want to jeopardizee their internet privileges by "goofing" or "fooling" around! Highly UNLIKELY! So would I get a tattoo if people responded in the positive, you bet! On top of that, I would get whatever tattoo they suggested, wherever they suggested! That is how much I trust my fellow man! I am worked into a lather, and I am leaving, sayonara, Buzzsaw!

Note: As mentioned the author is serious about getting a tattoo if it is suggested by readers. So if you are interested in this, send your comments to: robertpattersonactor@gmail!


  1. Your kids' names, or "I *heart* MOM", or "JESUS is my Lord and Savior". Or a harmonica.

  2. I say the Cullen crest as a tattoo!! That would be sexy! And put it somewhere on your chest!!!

  3. Buzz, Dpattz, Richard, Dick, and my favorite.... Ian
    You know I have a bracelet and I love it, but don't let anyone do the work except Honest Jon Boetes.